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JPS Casey Builders Freshwater Project -Rock Excavation

post image The freshwater projects excavation consisted of an extreme amount of rock sawing and hammering as the proposed building is to be built into the existing  sandstone on the block. This process is time consuming but is essential in ensuring safety to the excavator operator and surrounding buildings.
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Freshwater Project

post image The Freshwater project is on an extremely steep block which has required extensive planning and safety procedures to ensure the job can be completed successfully.
The excavation stage was a very delicate process and involved monitoring from geotech and engineers all the way through, this was to ensure that the stability of the site remained safe and that the excavation could be done in the correct way.
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Current Projects

Currently JP&S Casey Builders PTY LTD are working on projects in Manly , Freshwater and Thredbo.
The projects vary from new homes to decks and alterations and additions. All projects are running well and to schedule.
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