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Collaroy Project

JPS Casey Builders Collaroy Project is nearing completion.

The weatherboarding has changed the whole look of the building and the two new Gable end roofs off the front have really made the overall appearance house more modern.

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Current Projects

Currently JPS Casey Builders are working on Projects in Collaroy, Manly and Narrabeen.

The Collaroy project entails a roof extension and re cladding of the entire Two story home.
The cladding type is from Hardies  see link -       and has changed the look of the house completely.

Our Manly project kicks off at the end of the Month. It entails a two story extension off the back of the existing house, including two bathrooms a kitchen and living space.

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JPS Casey Builders Freshwater Project Framing

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The project is now speeding up and we are achieving the required goals we need to each week.

The entire structure is now in place which includes 3 floors- 2 being concrete slab and the 3rd being timber joists.

All Wall framing is now complete also and the roof structure is now being installed. This is rafters being pitched off predominantly a steel skeleton to achieve the spans we needed to eliminate the need for internal walls.

Windows are now being install and the external cladding will follow.

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