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Collaroy Project

JPS Casey Builders Collaroy Project is nearing completion.

The weatherboarding has changed the whole look of the building and the two new Gable end roofs off the front have really made the overall appearance house more modern.

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Current Projects

Currently JPS Casey Builders are working on Projects in Collaroy, Manly and Narrabeen.

The Collaroy project entails a roof extension and re cladding of the entire Two story home.
The cladding type is from Hardies  see link -       and has changed the look of the house completely.

Our Manly project kicks off at the end of the Month. It entails a two story extension off the back of the existing house, including two bathrooms a kitchen and living space.

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JPS Casey Builders Fitout Yoga 213 Studio

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Once our Freshwater project was complete we moved straight on to a new yoga studio in Bondi.

We had 9 Days to complete the project which was an empty shell and need new ceilings, floorboards walls and furniture.

The design was using recycled materials alone with some quirky finishes to give a really cool and funky space for a HIP HOP yoga studio.

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JPS Casey Builders Freshwater Project Fitout.

Over the pass couple of months since the last update we have finished off all tiling and fixout on the site.

The design involved a flush skirting boards and set shadow line architraves which gave a modern look the internal finish.

The external steel stairs have been installed and look great from the street front.

We are now look at finalizing the glass balustrade and finishing off the external painting. 

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Freshwater Project- Lock up

Its been a while since our last blog , but things have been very busy at our site,

We have now completed the weatherboards and achieved lock up for the building.

We have now moved on to the waterproofing in all bathrooms and decks. We use the product called Gripset which has a wide range of all types of membranes / glues and tapes to ensure a 100% fail safe water seal. All our team members are trained on how to use the products.

The tiles are on site also and will be installed in the next week.  

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JPS Casey Builders Freshwater Project Framing

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The project is now speeding up and we are achieving the required goals we need to each week.

The entire structure is now in place which includes 3 floors- 2 being concrete slab and the 3rd being timber joists.

All Wall framing is now complete also and the roof structure is now being installed. This is rafters being pitched off predominantly a steel skeleton to achieve the spans we needed to eliminate the need for internal walls.

Windows are now being install and the external cladding will follow.

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JPS Casey Builders Freshwater Project Ground Floor

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Now that the Crane is on site the Ground floor formwork is now starting, using the crane to lift all timbers and steel up will 1/2 the construction time than using just manpower.

The ground floor slab will be on ground and also suspended due to the steep block, it will sit on and be held up with up to 16 300mm diameter concrete coloums.

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JPS Casey Builders Freshwater Project- Crane installation

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The mezzanine in the garage has been poured and the crane has been installed on site.

The crane is a Self erect style crane that is approx 25 meters high and a jib length of 22 meters  and is driven by a remote control by the operator.

JP&S Casey Builders have two licensed operators in our team meaning that someone is always able to operate the crane at all times. Without the crane the site would almost be impossible to build.

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JPS Casey Builders Freshwater Project Footings and Dincel Wall

post image The first stage of construction has began with the footings for the garage walls being poured.  The Dincel wall system has been used as the garage walls as an alternative to the standard block work construction. Dincel is a PVC  interlocking system that has steal installed vertically and horizontal for strength. The process takes half the time that standard block work takes. The PVC Face can be rendered using acrylic render and the finish looks as good as a masonry wall.
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JPS Casey Builders Freshwater Project ( Rock excavation)

post image After Months of excavation due to the site being so steep the excavation is complete. The nature of the job made the excavation process start from the top and work our way down the hill which meant no building could commence till the excavation was complete. We are now ready to build from the bottom up stating with the Dincel walled garage.
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